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By applying graduated compression to the leg (strongest at the ankle and decreasing up the leg), compression stockings help keep blood from pooling in the ankles (swelling), prevents venous stasis (blood clots) and protects the veins from deterioration due to pressure. It will also help relieve aching legs by helping the body move blood back up the legs.

Compression therapy is typically prescribed by a physician to treat a number of conditions related to venous insufficiency as well as aftercare following sclerotherapy (treatment of varicose veins). It can also be used to prevent venous issues during pregnancy, long distance travel or for people who spend a lot of time on their feet (eg. nurses, teachers, etc).

Compression therapy has come a long way over the last several years with a wide range of colours and textures. From sports socks to pantyhose, there is something for everyone. At the Medicine Shoppe on Grant Rd (Whitemore Park Mall) we have a certified compression stockings fitter available at the store during business hours or in your home on an appointment basis. Turnaround time is quick and the pharmacist will ensure training of the patient in proper care as well as donning and doffing techniques.  

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